Your Own Mind

I woke up this morning with the mind to sleep, how ironic…lol. Since it’s a work-free day, I just thought I should sleep well before I think of stepping out on any outing. I practically didn’t care about the reason for the work-free day as all I cared about was being elsewhere other than my workplace today. It didn’t dawn on me that the work-free day is in celebration of democracy day here in my country till I had accomplished most of my plans for the day.

In fact, I forgot what Democracy is all about till I searched again on Google to rediscover and this was just about a few minutes past 10 pm when the day was almost over. The Collins dictionary, which I eventually consulted, stated the meaning of democracy to be a system of running organizations, businesses, and groups in which each member is entitled to vote and take part in decisions. And I underlined the part ‘each member is entitled’ because it captures the true meaning of democracy. Interestingly, ‘each member’ may never be privileged to occupy the contested leadership position but that doesn’t make their say useless.

In short, the culmination of individual votes and choices is what births the emergence of a new government. But one of the problems of my dear country is evident in this explanation. The problem of Nigeria is not that we do not have the opportunity to vote but that we vote without a mind of our own. As if not enough that we do not have the opportunity to be in government, we also go ahead to deprive ourselves of the opportunity to vote for the right person without bias and with a mind of our own.
Trust me, the mind is the powerhouse of change and without a mind of your own, you’d be like a baby that has to be taken around without her own mind. So, if we must change the governance and the economy generally, it starts with having a mind of your own. That is, let your choice of government be uninfluenced by the camouflage of hungry politicians; let your choice be unaffected by anything including bribes. Have a mind of your own because it makes you blame the government less and focuses
on your own faults. Furthermore, it is expedient to note that this boils down to personal choices. You may not own a car, house, or business of your own and maybe working for a firm owned by another, living in a rented apartment, or having to take public transport. What’s more important that you never be deprived of is a mind of your own. This is because it
makes you in control and responsible for your choices. So, in any relationship, you find yourself in or in any decision you have to make, strive to have a mind of your own because, in the end, you’d be responsible for the decisions you make.

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