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Did you also notice that I’ve not posted here for a while, say two weeks? Well, it’s because I’ve been building capacity. I saw Karate Kid (the white version) for the first time in church. Yes, church! The pastor had a very important line to draw from it. Daniel, in the movie, asked an old man experienced in fighting Karate to teach him the fight. The white man, instead, assigned him to wash a car and do other stuff. To the young boy it was weird but to the old man, it was building capacity since those assignments have applicable skills for fighting Karate.

Now let’s talk!

Whatever you’ve envisioned remains a mental picture till you have built capacity to bring it to life. It’s not all about having a vision. If you envision a mansion you’d love to possess or a dream wedding you’d want to have, there’s need to build capacity for it. In short, capacity building is the transition between the birth of your vision and the fulfillment of it. To build capacity is to gain power to bring things to reality.

For instance, you want to change jobs into your dream career path, capacity has to be built. That said, there are two ways you can build capacity – whether in your finance, relationships, academics or business – by reading and by practice. I’m glad you chose to read this at the sight of the topic. It shows your cravings for building capacity.

The second, by practice, is also self-explanatory. Start to actively prepare for what you’ve envisioned. If you’ve envisioned being a sought-for Software Programmer, what are you already doing about it?

Finally, I’d like to add that praying is also a form of capacity building. However, you must learn to pray the right prayers. Jabez had the choice of asking for just a car or a wife, but instead, he made a capacity-building prayer point to God when he asked enlarge my coast.

So, I hope this was some helpful words for you? Learn more by downloading my book here.

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