Set up your online radio station

Online Radio is one of the best opportunities this age avails to fulfill one’s career as a media personnel. This book covers a Step By Step Guide On How To Set Up Your Online Radio Station.


The Exploits
book (2018)

There comes a time when you realize you have to take responsibility for your life; a time when parents and guardians seem to retire from their dedication to your life. This book guides you as you change the course of your life, from the hopeless and fearful lifestyle to a strong and exploit-filled life as you choose to learn from the principles of exploits.



Explore 2019

Exploring actually starts from the mind with the end goal to broaden your thinking and enlarge your capacity so as to be more valuable in this vast world. This book answers the question how can exploring social media get you global? 


Exhibit 2020

Given the current pandemic the world faced in year 2020 with the stay-at-home policy most countries are adopted to fight the virus, the need to exhibit one’s gift using social media has become so important. This book guides you on media opportunities you can exhibit.

The New Way to Plan

Gone are the days when we planned events for just physical attendees. The need for virtual audiences is rising by the day as more digital platforms avail the opportunity to. Hence, I have chosen to write my bit on how to plan for digital events, better still, how to plan ahead in a post-COVID age where lock-downs have become a likelihood and virtual reality has come to stay.