In a digital world, where there is easy access to Google to provide answers, I still find myself wanting to get the answers from experts, or say from ‘the horse’s mouth’.

I once had a challenge with one of my colleagues at work who I asked a lot of questions while understudying. He thought I was odd and should always ask Google. But I was convinced the better answer is from ‘the horse’s mouth’, that is, one who has a practical experience. Further rewind to childhood, I remember one of my teachers announced to his class that he liked me because I always asked questions.

Asking questions felt very natural because I thought we should not live with unanswered questions in our heads. I also thought it was a faster way to getting well-educated as knowledge gained from asking questions about topics we are passionate about, sticks better than being taught such topics without initial curiosity. (This, further hints that the questions you ask a lot could tell what you’re really passionate about).

To avoid digression, I need to hit on the fact that the art of asking questions from humans directly, and not just on Google nor other search engines, cannot lose importance. The following points explain this.

We need to learn directly from humans and understand how their knowledge and life experiences could be helpful to our peculiarities. They say experience is the best teacher and that is what learning from humans affords.

Well, you might object to the foregoing with the fact that humans put the answers on Google and people go to Google to consult answers. ‘So, it’s no different’, you might think. But have you thought about what it means to have ‘a life-in-the-day’?

A life in the day of anyone, say a professional, musician, Pope etc. would enlighten you much more than vague, general answers. It’s like mentorship; you can read a book about something but a life-in-the-day gives more practical insights.

The reason I am particularly passionate about life-in-the-days is not just because I am about to start a video series on this on my YouTube channel but much more because it serves a similar purpose as mentorship, prevents unhealthy comparison and helps your choices and decision-making.

Every young person needs to watch more life-in-the-days as a way to guide career choices, ambitions and life aspirations. This would prevent wrong choices and help make balanced judgement about people, places and professions. Join me in this ride as I bring it your way hot-hot! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to stay updated.

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