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Life is such a Multiple-Choice Test

Life is a test but not in the way everyone says this. It’s such an exam with multiple-choice questions. And I tend to answer multiple choice questions by first eliminating all the impossible answers, leaving the possible options to battle with. That way, I’m left with say two options out of five to pick an answer. Makes exams easier, not so?

So, life comes with its options: multiple potential soul mates to choose from with one just being the ‘correct answer’. What do you expect an ‘expert’ in answering multiple-choice question like me to do? Eliminate all the impossible options, like I illustrated earlier, not so?

But I find that some options are difficult to eliminate probably because they’re not within the scope of my prior knowledge. So, I get confused whether I should eliminate them or keep them as possible options. Most times I end up keeping them as possible options.

But this is the funny thing I do: I leave the difficult options into the hands of time (here, I’m talking of some practical life scenario and not academic exams). In time, that difficult option gets married to someone else and immediately I get a sigh of relief 


. ‘Congratulations, I’m happy for you’, I’d say. But I’m only happy a difficult option is outta the way. 


But for how long? How long will I keep eliminating the options? Till more options show up in form of the beautiful ones they say are not yet born?

Omo! The exam hard! Too many fish in the river and you say I should choose one?

Well, it’s only evident that the choice is hard for human accuracy; letting the author of the institution of marriage make the choice for me should just do!

Oh! It sounds like a note to self, yeah? But it’s for you too. It’s not all about marriage choices. The multiple-choice scenario comes up in other aspects of life and the summary is that in all your choices, acknowledge God!

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